EINIST Project

Skateman Ltd has started the new arrangement with Einis Technology Ltd. einist.com platform builds to help Stars (influencer) and businesses to connect each other in a safe environment, the only things need to do is create an account at einist.com and connect your social media and make sure to create the offers with your price […]

Canada Freelancer

Skateman Ltd, Canada Freelancer is a platform that started at the beginning of 2020 in order to provide a breath of fresh air to the local community and at the same time¬†allow freelancers across Canada to work for companies worldwide. There are a couple of reasons which motivated us to create it. Many people struggle […]

Skateman at Langara Tech Thursday

Hello everybody, Tomorrow January 30th, Skateman LTD. will proudly be present at the Langara Tech Thursday Event where one of our co-workers, Eduardo will be talking to the students next to other people working in the industry. This is an opportunity to show students how companies as Skateman LTD. allow their employees to build their […]

Welcome 2020

Today, I can say I’m a lucky man. I’m lucky to have a formidable family by my side. Their loyalty and their passion built up the team we form, our new friendship to be. At Skateman Ltd, working is not only about closing tasks and projects it means way much more than that by having […]