Black and white photo of Skateman team during New Year's dinner

Welcome 2020

Today, I can say I’m a lucky man. I’m lucky to have a formidable family by my side. Their loyalty and their passion built up the team we form, our new friendship to be. At Skateman Ltd, working is not only about closing tasks and projects it means way much more than that by having a different meaning for all of us.


As part of the Skateman family, we continuously strive for delivering the best to help you, our customers, lean towards the upper-tier. We understand our client’s needs, we listen to them!
At the end of this year, we will come together and make wishes for the upcoming year. A new, surprises full and amazing year to be. Let’s make the most of 2020!


Limitless, we can handle other companies’ projects by providing you our developers ‘support and expertise. We are a whole family sticking together due to our passion and our ambition!
All of our team members have a unique voice and no one can stop us to share our opinion. Indeed, we are convinced everyone can bring the valve to the company by sharing his ideas.
We are proud to say we have many clients who are happy with the services we provided to them and overall the final results they got!


Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone for his hard work and bravery. I also want to express my sincere gratitude to all of our clients for their trust and the opportunity of work they offered to us.


Thank you and happy new year to all of you,

Kevin Ebra.