Canada Freelancer

Canada Freelancer

Skateman Ltd, Canada Freelancer is a platform that started at the beginning of 2020 in order to provide a breath of fresh air to the local community and at the same time allow freelancers across Canada to work for companies worldwide.

There are a couple of reasons which motivated us to create it. Many people struggle to obtain employment in their field of education, and as a result, are forced to work in dead-end jobs in order to make a living. Working with Canada Freelancer, in their field of study, would allow them to get valuable experience and higher pay. The second reason being the unfavorable US to CAD dollar exchange. It is more cost-effective to hire a Canadian workforce instead of foreign, and it is also beneficial for our economy.
In addition, we plan to create a workspace for our freelancers, not only in Vancouver but in many cities across Canada, as well as offer full-time employment at Skateman Ltd. to the best freelancers.
At the moment Skateman Ltd. has seven full-time employees and a few part-time developers. To expand our vision further, we are looking for a mutual partnership with universities, colleges, and businesses across Canada. We will send some of our senior developers to work with the students on campuses.
Our clients can rest assured that their private information is secure, thanks to strict Canadian copyright laws.
Skateman Ltd. is not looking at Canada Freelancer project as a main source of income, but merely a way of helping the local community.
Our goal is to use the assets coming from Canada Freelancer website for worldwide advertising, as well as enhancing our website.





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