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About Skateman Ltd.


We turn ideas into works of art.

Skateman Ltd. is the platform where our clients’ innovative ideas are converted into reality. In this lab, we study and give serious consideration to new concepts with the view to develop the product of the future! We believe that innovation and disruption are the keys to success. How we can help you to achieve this success? By taking advantage of new technologies to conceive new projects including wearables, VR, RFID, AR, Beacons, and the likes.

Skateman is an environment that is conducive to strategic thinking, fun, and creativity. It is born out of the desire to explore possibilities.


Web Development

Design & User Experience

Mobile Application

Our Services


Web Development

Do you need a boost to conceive and develop your website or to hit the top rankings on search engines? Our Developers and Digital Marketing Specialist are at your main disposal to provide you with the necessary support.

How? We work with the latest programming software and tools including React.js, Vue.Js, Angular.Js, HTLM 5, Flutter, Node.Js, Liferay, Swift, Java, Android, PHP, React Native, etc. As for traffic generation and online referring, we have recourse to the best SEO practices, to Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Marketing strategies, Influencers marketing and so much more.

Success is close to hands!

App Building and Gamification

Do you want to get closer to your customers? To be constantly present on their mind and increase your customer's engagement? Let us help you create the greatest app adapted to your audience.

As app passionates, we create an engaging and user-friendly mobile experience by including gamification! The latest tool to lift your customer's engagement and retention making your business app funnier.

Time to lean towards the upper tier!

Design & User Experience

In a world where technology and virtuality prevail, user experience is not a plus anymore, it's a must-have!

Web design and user interface have no secret for our Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist! By using different powerful software such as Illustrator, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Web and Mobile design and our Digital Marketing skills we master the art of customer experience and customer interface.

We offer your customers the best online experience pointing out their exact needs.

Customers'acquisitation and loyalty start here!

We work
with multiple tech!


Years of successful work
in the market

Our team


Purpose-built to deliver the best!

  • Kevin

  • Daniel
    Software Developer

  • Eduardo
    Software Developer

  • Stas
    Senior Developer

  • Mathilde
    Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Alexis
    Graphic Designer

  • Prashan
    Web Developer

  • Renisha
    Web Developer

  • Nadia
    Administrative Assistant

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Vancouver CANADA


+1 (604) 600-7474
Toronto CANADA

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